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Julius is committed to firearms safety and his efforts to provide high-quality training through Tactical Operations Certifications are unmatched.. As a firearm instructor, he plays a crucial role in educating individuals on responsible gun ownership and usage. His focus on eliminating illegal gun sales and preventing firearms from falling into the wrong hands aligns with broader efforts to enhance public safety.

By establishing his certification program in 2023, Julius has positioned himself as a leader in the field, contributing to the development of well-trained and responsible firearm owners. This dedication not only supports the responsible use of firearms but also helps address concerns related to illegal activities involving guns.

Julius Green's emphasis on personal defense suggests a holistic approach to firearm education, emphasizing not only the technical aspects of gun handling but also the ethical and legal considerations associated with owning and using firearms. This comprehensive approach is crucial in promoting a culture of responsible firearm ownership.

Tactical Operations Certifications

Safety comes 1st, but personal protection is 2nd Nature!

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In a self-defense situation, time and distance are your best weapons.


Your Firearm is your tool of last resort. Priority # 1 is to de-escalate the situation.


Having a firearm doesn't mean you automatically can protect yourself, you MUST train!


As a gun owner, you have even more responsibility to be a moral, prudent, even-tempered citizen.  


Ready to embark on your journey into firearms and self-defense?

Let Tactical Operations Certifications get you from where you are, to where you want to be. Prepare, Perform, Protect!

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